Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Week 5 term 1 2017

It has taken a while before I have been able to get this blog up and running.
Week 1-3
The term started really well and I have been most impressed by my large class- what a great bunch of kids. The first few weeks concentrated on getting to know each other through interactive activities, sharing and interviews, and establishing class routines and rules. It was great that so many children started the term with all their stationery ready to go.Only a handful of children do not have personal Chromebooks but have the use of class ones.

Thanks to those parents who came along to the Information Evening in week 2- this was an opportunity to find out what goes on in Rimu Syndicate,  learn about camp and ask questions.

We are developing the idea of being a team which shares, works together, does their best and strives to achieve goals, linking this to our topic on Rights and Responsibilities. Mrs T is the coach and she can issue a yellow card for repeated unacceptable behaviour or infringements!

 We brainstormed ideas and together came up with a logo and motto for our class which we feel suggests friendship, the celebration  oof achievement,  sharing, teamwork and unity. We are still working on a chant- a work in progress.

We have completed a course of swim lessons with Fulton Swim School instructors. These focused on survival techniques, how to signal for help, how to identify a rip, attempting to tread water for 3 minutes and swim 4 lengths. They even experienced what it was like to swim in waves.  I saw an amazing effort from our less able swimmers. Do talk to your children about what they learnt so that it is remembered.
Ella and Alexis were ournTeam Players of the week in week 2 and 3 while Ruby and Maren were our Star of the Week. Jak topped the Mathletics ladder for week 2.

Week 4
Camp came early this year. In fact, we were lucky to have a camp at all since our previous booking was not honoured.  We hope this is a one-off. We had 4 days at Port Waikato School Camp which is nearly 100 years old and was formerly a health camp for malnourished children.

The students enjoyed mud rugby, a scary Burma trail which included the chainsaw maniac, a rotation of activities including archery, BMX bikes, making damper, orienteering, low ropes, a confidence course, team building and a 9-metre climbing wall.  The students paddled in the stream, trying to dam it, and this was a welcome relief from the draining heat and humidity. We saw children really taking risks trying new things and persevering to achieve success especially on the climbing wall and trying to beat their times on the bikes. There was awesome teamwork and the children grew in confidence as they achieved success.

Click on the link to view photos from camp  Port Waikato camp

We had a wonderful crew of parents who worked hard running the activities and supervising children and working behind the scenes, cleaning, preparing and serving food .Our two marvellous cooks kept us all well fed with plentiful and wholesome food. A big thank you to all these parents and also to those who transported children to and from camp. We could not have camp without you.

Week 5                                                                                               
Image result for healthy eatingThis week we enjoyed a programme called Food for Thought. Andy from Foodstuffs taught us about the food pyramid, the food groups and what each does to keep us healthy. She showed the students how much sugar was in drinks, portion sizes,  how to read labels and tell which were healthy foods. Again do talk to your children about what they have learnt.

On Thursday we had our syndicate swim sports. Unfortunately,  I didn't take any photos!. There was lots of encouragement for the swimmers and house members. The event flowed well without any hiccups. There were some very fast heats and from Room 3, Ruby, Sadie, Leone and Maren came first in some events.

This week our Star of the Week was Samuel and Team Player of the Week was Kathleen. Maren topped the Mathletics ladder scoring most points this week.

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