Friday, 17 March 2017

Week 7 term 1

In Room 3 we have been writing newspaper reports about activities at our camp. We have learnt about headlines and captions and now are reports are a work in progress, needing editing and development.

In our topic,  we have been learning about the United Nations Rights of the Child while in our reading we have focused on stories or articles about children in other countries whose rights are not being met. This is proving to be a bit of an eye-opener for our children. 

Students from Rimu have stepped up this week since Kauri students were away at camp. Sadie and Hemaima have been trained as sports shed monitors, Sadie and Joshua, Jesse and Jak have been acting road patrollers,  while Katelyn has been taking around the absence book and delivering notices. They have proved to be very reliable and diligent about their duties. Well done , Team.

I was out at the Franklin Zone swimming sports at Waiuku on Thursday so Mrs Clarke took the class. A good effort in swimming by Sadie, Leone and Maren. This was a very efficiently run day thanks to Val Robinson who has been organising Primary School sports for Franklin for many years. 

This week Rimu took charge of the assembly so we were keen to share our learning with the rest of the school and parents who came along. 
Alexis , Ruby and Leone very ably planned and created a power point about what they had learnt about Seeds last week. 

Three Seeds in a Pod Click on the link to watch. I liked the pun they used for their title too, putting into practice what they had learned in writing.

A group of children shared tips on keeping safe on the internet and showed the posters they had made.
We also shared a movie of photos from camp which the little kids innp[articular found very amusing- they seemed to laugh at anything and very raucously!Room 3 even put out the chairs and packed them away- great job,  Team.

Jak was our Star of the Week and Stella our Player of the Week. Stella also topped the class in Mathletics with over 5000 points.

Mujer tranquila en hamaca

Mrs McKelvey will be taking the class next week as I am off to a tropical island for some R and R.
She will be following my programme and I am sure the class will be wonderful in helping her and showing her where things are.



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