Monday, 27 March 2017

Week 9 Term 1
I was away in Rarotonga last week while Mrs Mc Kelvey took the class. She was impressed with how they worked and behaved.
Last Monday they had class photos taken and on Friday was the annual House Tug of War.

On Monday I was given a warm welcome back by the class. It was nice to be missed.
In the afternoon we enjoyed our session of What's on the Menu?. The students weeded the vege garden and planted new seedlings. They took bits of plastic which does not break down out of the worm bin which produces wonderful soil for growing plants in. We were amazed at the size of some plants which had been planted only 3 weeks ago. One group weeded the tnative trees growing in the TfS unit while another harvested veges and made sweetcorn fritters which we all sampled afterwards.

WE ended the week with PE and some good summer games of non-stop cricket, kick ball and Rippa Rugby. In the afternoon we had assembly. Tegan-lee and Oscar were awarded certificates. Our Team Player of the week was Jasmine who is always cheerful and focused in her work. Harry topped the class in Mathletics and Hemaima was our Star of the Week

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