Thursday, 6 April 2017

Week 10 term 1
So glad that everyone remembered to turn their clocks back and arrived on time.
A great start to the week with a session of What's on the Menu? with our wonderful parent helpers. More seeds were sown today, we harvested strawberries, feijoas and capsicum. Two groups visited the tree unit and learnt how that operates. We discovered some cooking apples- a bit sour! and a banana palm with a bunch of fruit which have been attacked by birds, hollowing them out. We salvaged two which we tasted and they wee firm and sweet.

One group was in the kitchen whipping up Feijoa muffins-yum!

Can you see Harry's feet as he searches for feijos under the bush?

C:\Users\Wendy\Pictures\class 2017\DSC_0398.JPG
C:\Users\Wendy\Pictures\class 2017\DSC_0399.JPG

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C:\Users\Wendy\Pictures\class 2017\DSC_0410.JPG

On Tuesday the whole school enjoyed a loud and lively performance from Strike Percusssion who played Cook Island pate drums, body percusssion, regular drums and marimba and also an almost silent rhythm using fire.

On Thursday some lucky students had a SPARK session with mr Dean making and programming robots.

Our week ended with the Easter Egg Hunt, organised by the PTA. There was great excitement when the children took off in search of coloured sticks  and 2 golden tickets. Blue house retrieved the most sticks. it was wonderful seeing how the older children took the littlies in hand.

 Harry once again scored the most points in Mathletics this week, Jesse was our Star of the Week and Jak was our Player of the Week. I have been impressed by the class's homework efforts lately. Regular keyboard practice seems to be making a difference. Well done Team 3. Keep it up!

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