Thursday, 13 April 2017

Week 11 Term 1

A very rainy week which meant the children were inside at break times and going a bit stir crazy!
They learnt how to read maps and then had a practice run guided by Val Robinson from Counties Orienteering. The student had to read maps, find markers and click their paper to show they had found the correct marker. From this session, some children were selected for the Franklin Championship to be held on Reeves farm at Patumahoe in the first week of term 2.

On Tuesday they enjoyed their RICH Reward which acknowledges good behaviour and the meeting of homework expectations. They chose to watch a movie or use devices and have some sweet treats.

It was great to touch base with so many parents at our Share my Learning evening. Thank you to all those who made the effort to come along and show an interest in their children's learning.

On Wednesday they learnt Turbo Touch in the first of about 4x 1/2 hour sessions. Apparently, it was pretty fast and furious and great fun. Easter Bunny paid a visit leaving chocolate eggs in the tote trays. The students put on extra layers of papier mache to their bottles for their next piece of art.

A few children worked with me as part of the SPARK programme doing clay art. The Rimu students made boxes and lids using coils and were pretty pleased with their results. Will just have to hope that they dry without cracking and we can go on and have them fired.

Special certificates were handed out to students in Room 3 who had consistently fulfilled homework and spelling requirements.  Kathleen as our Star of the Week while Harry once again topped the class in Mathletics. Jesse was our Player of the Week for being such a polite, willing and reliable helper.
Samuel and Kately were awarded Worker of the Term certificates in our special assembly.

It has been a full-on term with camp, swimming, lots of varied activities such as orienteering, Strike Percussion , the Healthy Eating programme, as well as fun activities like the Easter Egg Hunt and the Tug of War.
 Term 2 promises to be even more hectic!

I hope you all have a relaxing Easter break and that the weather improves so can all make the most of the time off.

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