Thursday, 15 June 2017

week 7 term 2

On Tuesday I went along to the Franklin Speechmakers competition in Pukekohe to support Eva who was representing Waiau Pa School in the year 5/6 competition. There were 16 schools represented and while Eva presented a great speech, there was stiff competition. I was most impressed by the high standard and the range of topics covered- cloning, being too clean, the power of advertising- some quite mature topics.

The students have finished their ugly faces papier mache art- it has taken a while!

They enjoyed another session of basketball coaching, learning skills through games.

On Thursday we headed up Saddleton Rd to plant 400 native trees on a local property where we had planted previously. I was blown away by how well the class worked to get the job done in record time, showing great team-work and application. We filled in a last corner of the gully and it was great to see how well the other trees are flourishing and attracting birds and insects as well as beautifying what was an unattractive area of wasteland. Thanks to Theo and Chloe for coming along and helping out. After some physical work on a beautifully sunny day, we really enjoyed a sausage sizzle afterwards, thanks to Dawn and David our hosts.

We are still having students off school with sickness. There seems to be a lot of winter ills and colds going around. Just hope I can fend off the bugs!

 On Friday we did some science, encouraging the students to observe as scientists would when studying a creature or plant. We started off watching what happens when M n Ms were arranged on a plate of milk.  The kids were then each given an Autumn leaf to draw as if they were a botanist like Joseph Banks making illustrations to take back to England  to show what strange and different plants existed in NZ. This was very challenging and we had to look hard to copy the shape, edging, pattern of veins etc.

Our Player of the Week was Ben who learnt how to tell the time in one lesson, Harry took the honours in Mathletics and Josh was the Star of the Week.

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