Saturday, 24 June 2017

Week 8 term 2

On Wednesday we recognised the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice by dressing up in PJs and onesies, well most children did. I drew the line at this but wore my stripy bed socks.We had dinosaurs, Dalmatians, a mouse, a duck and even a gorilla and some rather colourful pyjamas.

 This week we welcomed a new student, Taleah who has quickly made friends and adjusted to her new class and school.

The class had music this week and there was also a practice of our syndicate item for Grandparents Day. More practices are planned for next week.

We have been continuing with our topic and focusing on developing Science skills. In my Earthquake class, we tried to make earthquake -proof structures and a number of groups completed and succeeded. The students realised the importance of strengthening their structure by using triangles since they are strong shapes. It was good to see the students working well together to achieve this.

The class enjoyed another session of basketball with coach Caleb- great fun as they learn the skills.

Students from Rimu who signed up for netball coaching had their first training session on Friday lunchtime with 3 very enthusiastic parents. They have commented on the skill level of the players and talent of some who showed real flair and good tactics. We hope to have 3 teams in the Franklin Netball tournament in term 3.

Our Players of the Week were Jayden and Jak who persevered in their writing to make improvements. Stella topped the class in Mathletics and Jasmine was our Star of the Week.

We are looking forward to Grandparents Day on Friday and also interviews in week 10 - please make sure you have booked your interview time.

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