Thursday, 29 June 2017

Week 9 Term 2

This week we have been finishing off units of work so there will be some more Maths assessments next week.

We had several practices of our items for Grandparents Day and finally presented them today when our special visitors were entertained by the whole school. Everyone was blown away by the Jump Jam performance from the senior pupils- great synchronisation and some pretty fierce looking facials!

It was great to see such a huge turnout and to meet these lovely people. They wandered through the classroom,  shared books and Mathletics with the students and viewed the Book Fair before mingling over a cuppa. Thanks to those parents who sent along food for this.
The Grandparents were thrilled with the portrait poems that Room 3 students had written about their loved ones. Great to hear such appreciative comments as "You've made my day."
I was impressed by the descriptions written by the students and it was wonderful to have an authentic audience.

The children again enjoyed playing some games that develop basketball skills for PE and they are also enjoying their next artwork designing a skateboard.

Reports and learning folders were distributed this afternoon to be taken home. Please go through these with your child and discuss their progress, attitude and next steps. Help them to fill in the reflection sheet based on the information presented therein.
Please bring the reflection sheet, learning folder and report with you when you come to interviews on Tuesday

Next week on Tuesday the pupils will go home early as parent interviews are being held in the afternoon and evening. I have emailed parents to remind them of this. Please note that they will be held at the Event Centre.

This week Sadie, the birthday girl was our Star of the Week, Ella topped the class in Mathletics and Maren was Player of the Week for his wonderful grandparent' s poem.

Enjoy the weekend.

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