Friday, 28 July 2017

week 1 term 3
Welcome back to term which culminates in Calf Club on the last day of term. I hope you all enjoyed a pleasant break with your families despite the lousy weather.
The students seemed keen to be back at school.

This term we are doing a novel study with each reading group. Hopefully the students will appreciate different books to the usual ones which they choose to read. It will also require them to manage themselves and their time well to complete the activities within the given time frame. So far they are very enthusiastic about getting into the novels I have chosen.

We started our topic options and I am looking at how and why toys have changed in then last 100 years. The focus will be on research and presentation skills. Many thanks to all those people who sent in old toys- now our back bench looks like something from a toy museum. The students are quite fascinated at the enduring toys from the past and surprised that some are much older than they realised.

We are focusing on multiplication and division in Number so learning times tables would be a huge advantage. We are learning about the properties of shapes in Geometry and so far have learnt about the language used, names of shapes and angles.

In our writing we are developing our descriptive writing skills and using pictures as a motivation for writing.
We had an interesting science session , acting like scientists to make observations, collect data and infer theories about dinosaur footprints.

This term we have cross country coming up so most days, when weather permits, we will be out running a circuit along the paths endeavouring to go the distance, maintaining a steady pace so we do not have to walk.

At assembly today, Gino and Mitchell received certificates to acknowledge their contributions to discussion this week, Jak topped the class in Mathletics, Leone was our Star of the Week  and Madison was our Player of the Week for her encouragement of others. Well done, team.
Leone also received a participation certificate for entering a story in the Barfoot and Thompson Story writing competition.

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