Thursday, 31 August 2017

week 6 term 3

Another week has gone in the blink of an eye.

This week Rimu students started their classes on their 2nd  option of topic. students could choose between toys, transport and household chores to investigate and find out how each has changed over time and what has influenced the changes. Doing topic this way has given students the chance to choose what interests them.  We  have focused on two  main objectives- research and presentation skills along with he competencies, managing self and participating and contributing as the students work collaboratively to research a topic of their choice further.
In my group we had some interesting discussions about what a toy is, what an ideal toy would be and that recent craze, fidget spinners.

In our writing we wrote snippets about a recent experience to share with our buddy classes on Friday afternoon. At times it can be quite frustrating when children do not include full stops in their sentences , resort to using common everyday words and overuse words like 'and' or 'then' which we have addressed regularly in writing instruction and they are often being reminded of. the students worked hard to edit and recraft their writing.  We visited the Hub and buddied up with senior students  to share our writing. Room 3 students were impressed b y the brochures room 16 had made and we loved their hub cap artworks.

We learnt about drawing 3D shapes- quite challenging,  and then the 3 forms of symmetry in strand maths.

Ruby and Harry participated at Zone Cross Country  for North Group. while they were not individually placed, the group finished 2nd overall . It was a muddier course this time round after the recent rain.

We farewelled Emily who is moving with her family to Beachlands. We will all miss her cheerful smile. We wished Leone 'bon voyage' as she heads to Europe with her family. I presented her with an owl keyring to take with her so she can write the story of its adventures and include it in her photos.
Thanks again to those wonderful parents who transported.

Next week we have our visit to Howick Historical Village in keeping with our topic on Past and Present. a few children are still to return their permission slips however.

From this week we have cut homework back to just reading and learning spelling words. Other activities are optional but all children should be working on their animals , gardens or projects.

 I have emphasised how important it is to plan thoroughly for the milk bottle challenge. This involves searching for innovative ideas, (Pinterest is great for craft ideas)  collecting all materials, thinking through procedures, drafting a vision of the finished product, taking measurements etc. When planning is done well , everything falls in to place when it comes to the actual construction.
The project is expected to be done as homework and completed for the last week of term when Calf Club is being held.

Our Star of the Week this week was Gino.

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