Thursday, 17 August 2017

week 4 term 3

On Monday we enjoyed the Science Roadshow where the students learnt about spectacular physical and chemical changes and how we see things that are not visible to the naked eye.
The students move through a range of exhibits exploring effects of heat, gravity and electricity.
 The students were well occupied but it would have been great to have had more time to explore the activities in more depth.
They are loving their gymnastic lessons and are developing strength, balance and confidence.
We walked the cross country course on Wednesday morning-it was soft and muddy underfoot so the kids were pretty dirty by the end. On Thursday afternoon the rain held off just long enough to enable us to run the senior cross country event. There were some great finishes especially from Tegan-lee, Harry,  Jesse, Ruby. I have been impressed by the enthusiasm shown by most students who have pushed themselves to go the distance in practice circuits leading up to the event.

Wednesday evening saw our year 5/6 teams competing at the Franklin Mathex competition. This was a tough Maths problem-solving competition against many teams from local schools. They were under a lot of pressure but were outclassed and unplaced, challenged by some difficult questions.

Since it was Maths week this week, we challenged Rooms 2 and 4 to a Mathletics competition to see which class could amass the most points in half an hour. Despite a concentrated effort, we were soundly beaten.

We have been learning to write descriptions and this culminated in our writing sample being a descriptive piece of writing based on a picture of a familiar place. I now have the job of scrutinizing the texts to assess them.

On Friday afternoon we shared our 'wow ' writing based on paintings of NZ landscapes which the students wrote in pairs and then peer evaluated. We plan to make them into a book. A great job and I am so proud of their efforts. children's writing- NZ landscapes Check them out here.

I t has been a muddled week with lots of things happening but it has been fun.

Our Player of the week was Alexis for encouraging others during the cross country and persevering in her work despite having an arm in a cast. Jayden topped the class in Mathletics with over 4000 points and birthday girl Katie was our Star of the Week.

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