Thursday, 7 September 2017

week 7 term 3

Rimu students had a fantastic day out at the Howick Historical Village on Thursday and thankfully the weather was obliging and the rain stayed away.

we enjoyed 4 classroom sessions with wonderful staff taking on the roles of people from the 1850s.

Room 3 students leant how butter was made and each had a turn at churning the cream  and tasting the finished product at the end.

At the mansion house, we learnt about the sort of things emigrants packed into their limited -size trunks in order to start a new life in NZ after the long 4 month sea voyage. No toys or luxuries but more practical items like an axe, a potty, shears, flint and steel  for making fire, a cooking pot and a family bible.
From there we learnt about the sort of toys children made and played with - mostly wooden and handmade like Jacobs ladders, periscopes, dolls and no plastic in sight!

Lastly we lined up and marched into the schoolhouse to experience school lessons as they were 150 years ago- copper plate writing on slates, hand and nail inspections, quoting in a chorus a values statement, rote learning of tables.
I am considering adopting some of the rules they had then- children lining up in two lines- girls  with hands clasped and boys with theirs behind their backs, use of the cane for wayward children, no lefthanders...... !!!!!

After a short lunch we had time to look more closely at the buildings such as the raupo whare, sod cottage, church and mill complete with water wheel.

This was my first visit to the Village and I was most impressed with the exhibits, the organised staff and the smooth running of the day so that our time was maximised.
I would thoroughly recommend it as a great place to visit for families especially on their live days when many people are in costume and taking on village roles. these are on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

Rimu students enjoyed their last gymnastic session. We have been most impressed by the efficient way these have been run and how the students have been challenged and extended in a fun way.
Next week we will start Athletics skills because our Athletics day creeps up quite quickly in Term 4.

We madea last big effort  today to finish our Dream Car brochures. We all roamed and looked at each others and selected Ben's, Jesse's and Stella's  for a voucher prize . Ruby's and Harry's were selected to go up against those from other classes. Ruby won a car and sticker while Harry won a cap  and poster for his efforts. Super work .

At assembly on Friday, Hemaima was awarded the Belong trophy for her service to the school, aways readily volunteering for extra duties while Jak won the Become award for always persevering in his work. Harry and Ruby won achievers points for their success at cross country and Mitchell received a certificate for his contributions within his reading group. Leone had won a distinction in the NSW writing exam  although she is overseas and unable to collect her certificate. Didn't they do well?

Katelyn was our Star of the Week while Oscar was our Player of the Week for being so enthusiastic, willing to volunteer and keen to answer quesions while at the Howick Village. He even got  to wear a Victorian gentleman's night shirt and lovely he looked in it too!

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