Friday, 15 September 2017

Week 8 Term 3

This week we worked on and completed our explanations of how an old fashioned toy worked. The students worked well some using the Read and Write talk and type tool to support spelling of difficult words. some found this helpful while it impeded progress for others. We peer evaluated each others writing using the criteria for the genre.

Cross grouping has been going well as students extend their strategies for multiplication and division.
Students are doing their own inquiries for their topic options too.
Room 3 students have been reading and studying novels this term and seem to be enjoying the chosen stories, all by reputed authors.

This week we started practising for athletics, developing our techniques in throwing, high jump and long jump.
Room 3 students completed their papier mache 'ugly faces' by adding weird and wacky hair. our Calf Club art is all finished now. There is just some finishing off to be done for our calendar art which will be on display on Calf Club day so parents and family may order calendars incorporating the artwork.

On Thursday we conducted several simple science experiments to show how water can travel and we also discovered why big strong Mitchell couldn't rip a sheet of newspaper straight whereas Ella could. We researched to find out how paper was made. this surprised some children who thought it was made from leaves.

Our RICH focus has been on Care this term so for the past 3 weeks the students have all been showing kindness and care towards a secret friend- a smile or compliment, a positive note or gift, an invitation to join a game or some thoughtful gesture. on Friday we had the big reveal where they found out who their secret friend was. They all decided this was a fun exercise. I hope it continues with or without a secret friend.

It was Maori language week this week so we learnt about some Maori place names- what they mean,  how to pronounce them and how to ask 'Where do you come from?''. I even get pulled up for mispronouncing names from time to time.

This week Ella was our Star of the Week while Jayden was our Player of the Week for his perseverance in his work, his lovely manners, and general helpfulness.

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