Friday, 22 September 2017

Week 9 Term 3

We have been wrapping up units of work this week and doing some end-of-term assessments especially in Maths.
 Room 3 students have been working collaboratively on writing their narrative version of a poem telling the story of how Maui fished up the North Island. They are being tasked with elaborating on the story by incorporating dialogue and description to add detail. It is great to hear the talk that goes on and how students correct each other and comment on each other's work.we will publish our finished story along with the illustrations.

We have been trying to complete our Calendar art which will be displayed in our classroom with the hope that parents will be impressed and want to buy one made into a calendar- ideal Christmas gifts for family.

We are nearing the end of our novel study- the students have enjoyed the books they have been reading and there have been some good discussions about the deeper meaning and what we can learn from it.
We had a get-together of rimu students on Wednesday afternoon to run through preparations for the indoor exhibits. it is important to stick religiously to the criteria so some planning and organizing are required. It would even be advisable to do some practice. Students should consult with parents about which options they are best able to do. Scout around for flowers and foliage- ask neighbours, family and friends or choose an option that you have the materials for.

Tip: Cut flowers with long stems ( they can be trimmed to the required size), preferably the night before and stand overnight in a bucket of water so they can have a good drink.. do not pick if they are wet with rain as they will go mushy.
Children may require oasis for the floral arrangement so should bring $1 to school on Thursday for this.
Children are to do the baking at home but all the other options are to be made at school.
Please do read the description of the options carefully.

on Friday we hoped to do Athletics for PE but the ground was too wet and slippery and therefore u, unsafe after morning rain for jumping and running events. Instead, the whole syndicate competed against each other in our houses at a new game like Noughts and Crosses- very fast, noisy and exciting.

Skylar was nominated for Team Player of the Week while Madison was our Star of the Week.

On Friday afternoon, we had our Worker of the Term assembly. Samuel, Ruby and Mitchell shared their awesome descriptive writing based on NZ scenes.  Two very deserving .students. Harry and Ruby were awarded special certificates and achievement stickers as Workers of the Term.
Leone and Ella earnt a credit and a merit respectively in the NSW  English exam.
Service award stickers were given to Hemaima, Sadie, Oscar and Katelyn while  Hemaima, Taleah,  Kathleen and Skylar received rebel vouchers for showing commitment to Boot Camp.

To top it all off, Room 3 won the assembly shield. Well done Team.

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