Sunday, 22 October 2017

week 1 term 4

The class has settled back seamlessly after the holidays and is getting back into routine.  It is also important to get back into homework routines since homework practices the basics and supports what we are currently studying in Maths. With it being a short term, it is all them ore important to keep up with regular reading, Maths maintenance, and spelling in order to do well in assessments and help progress.

This term we are looking at Balance in our topic inquiry and in particular at the Balance of Nature.

This is a frantic term with so much to fit into a shorter term. There will be lots of assessments in the lead up to report writing.

This week we began the first of 5 dance sessions with Footsteps Dance Company, and were instructed by a former pupil of WPS. The students really enjoyed the session and learnt all the moves funk style for 'We will Rock you.'

Lots of movement going on here- looks like abstract art!

Children need to bring a change of clothes for these sessions

It was great to see Leone back and brimming with tales of her family trip overseas. She shared some suspect jellybeans, some of which had yukky flavours.

Several children were out on Wednesday attending the Franklin Group Day with their Calf Club animals.

Katelyn topped the class in Mathletics this week, Hemaima was our Player of the Week because she frequently volunteers and shows initiative and Stella was our Star of the Week.

Enjoy the long weekend!

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