Friday, 27 October 2017

Week 2 Term 4

This week we completed our writing samples- a recount entitled  'I've got something to tell you.'
We also did our basic facts test and I began doing 1:1 reading testing.

In our writing, we have been learning how to expand sentences from simple 2- word sentences to more complex sentences with phrases that tell where, when, adverbs that tell how and using adjectives to add more detail. We ended up with some pretty impressive sentences which the students have shared on their blogs. In our reading we are studying information texts which support our topic, looking in particular at conservation and the environment while focusing on comprehension skills and vocabulary.

In our topic, we have learnt about food webs and the different roles of animals and plants in the energy cycle.
The focus this term in Maths is Fractions for Number and Algebra for Strand so I have included interactive websites to practice and supplement what we learn in class in homework.

We had to cancel our athletics practice as the wet weather made it unsafe so we had a game of Capture the Flag in the EC instead.

I appreciate that some children participate in after-school training, sports practices, clubs etc so homework requirements may be difficult to fulfil. I have talked to the class about this and suggested they do the best they can and manage their time well.  I would prefer to see some homework done that not at all. I would trust that students have a genuine reason for not completing homework and not use this as an excuse not to do any at all. All the homework activities support the basics and what we are learning in class.

Josh returned this week after his family trip to South Africa full of stories about safaris and meeting wild animals up close.
On Friday we had a special visit from the Blue Light Trek who travel around the country raising money for children's charities, with their stretch cars, fire engines and people in character costumes. They had lots of give-aways and four lucky children were given brand new bikes- great to see their faces light up with big smiles.

We had lots of our year 5 students willing to step up to take on extra responsibilities for next year.
We were to have had Road Patrol training with Constable Andy on Friday but the rain put paid to this so will be held at a later date.

The week ended with the Halloween Disco. The PTA had spent all day decorating the event centre with balloons, streamers and creating a haunted hallway as well as preparing spooky food- a huge effort to set the scene. The kids turned up in amazing costumes and scary make-up- very impressive and creative. I couldn't believe the way they tucked into the food! no doubt, some very tired children the next day.

Our Mathlete of the week was Jak,  again, Leone was our Star of the Week and Josh was our Team Player of the week.

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