Thursday, 16 November 2017

week 5 term 4

A crazy week with being out of the classroom for two days. Rimu and Kauri students competed at the North Group Athletics on Wednesday at the Eco-Light Stadium. there were some great performances especially from Harry, Taleah and Hemaima  from our room,  and these students qualified for Zone next week.The weather wasn't the best but could have been much worse, considering the day before there was a hail storm locally.

Seven room 3 students took part in the Kids for Kids concert at Manukau on Wednesday night. Our choir joined others from various South Auckland schools and provided backing for Jacqui
Clarke and were dircted by musician, Nathan King. They loved the gumboot song and the weird dance moves that accompanied 'She's a Mod.'

Thursday waa Shop Day with students who have given service to the school setting up stalls to sell goodies, mostly of a sweet nature- popcorn, candy floss, sweets, slushies etc and so there were some sugar-crazed kids in the afternoon.
I spent the day taking small groups of students for the SPARK programme, doing clayart. we had fun making hedgehog pencil holders and taniwhas.-  they looked awesome! In the afternoon I worked with year1 children making Christmas tree decorations. this was quite an experience compaqred with the age group I am used to.
On Friday we farewelled Maren who is moving with his family to Rarotonga. We spent some of the middle block practising our dance to 'We will Rock You,' for our assembly item, then spent time chopping fruit and preparing food. we enjoyed delicious salad wraps and then fruit skewers. Thank you to parents for their fruit contributions and the children who helped threading skewers and especially Skylar who helped with the washing up.

At the Rimu assembly all the syndicate students presented their dance. room 3 showed their Google art and several children shared their awesome writing.

The week finished with the Franklin Jump Jam competition at our school. we entered 3 teams including our senior team who came 2nd at the Nationals. there were not many entries this year. I wonder if they were scared off by the high standard of the competition!

Maren was our Player of the Week and Katie beat Jak on the Mathletics this week.

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